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Dogs require daily mental and physical stimulation to prevent problems such as, barking, chewing and digging etc. All these are a result of insufficient exercise and stimulation leading to boredom. Here at Barknstroll Doggy Playtime dogs get to play and have fun and interaction with other dogs. We have secure private land.


The day will begin with me collecting your dog from your home. Once at the Playtime the fun, fuss and playtime begins!

I will only take on regular bookings so all the dogs get to know each other, which I feel is better for them so they can build up their "doggy friendships!"


Your dog will spend the day having the freedom to run around our private secure land, playing with the other dogs and us. At the end of the day your dog will be delivered back to your home, happy, content and relaxed ready to spend the evening with you.

Doggy Daycare Epsom


REQUIREMENTS I do ask that all dogs are socialised, fully vaccinated and up to date with their flea/tick treatments. Once I have met with you and you are happy for your dog to spend some quality time at Barknstroll Doggy Playtime there are just a few pieces of information that I will require from you and then your dog can come and join in the fun.

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